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In January 1997, I started to collect information about the tours and concerts of Eric Clapton, bringing it all together in a database. The information contained within is received from many sources, including some books, magazines, tour programmes, various Web sites as well as several of the subscribers to the Slowhand Digest and many private contributions.

Unfortunately the information found in the literature is not necessarily complete and there are some errors in the books, so the Tourography is dependent on further information. Luckily, many Slowhanders from the whole world are very busy in sending messages to the Digest. Sometimes there is information about some concerts so that the Tourography, which will be always under construction, can be updated. Also, there are several people around the world sending corrections and additional material privately.

In a first step, the Tourography contained only the dates, venues and cities of the concerts. In a second step, in the summer of 1997, I started to insert additional information about the concerts, like band lineups, set lists, reviews, and so on. As a further challenge I am including references to official releases and to the Slowhand Bootography in order to obtain information about the records released from the different concerts.

In May 1998, I received a message from Rafael González Martínez de Tejada in Spain. It seemed, that we were doing almost the same project. Rafael already had collected many of the detailed concert information which I just had started to collect. He offered to share all the information he had. Of course, I accepted with pleasure. With his information Rafael added a great value to the Tourography. At the moment, I have included more than half of it to the database. I am still working on it, and sometime in the future ... :-)

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